Friday, July 16, 2010

I keep Making Mistakes...

...I keep saying people have died who havent, others who have. I usually simply cut and paste what Jacci writes, but do editorialize a bit. You'll see in this cut and paste that Henriquetta does not (praise G-d) have AIDS.

So Here is what Jacci Wrote (Dan, take note, Henrequetta is on the "stories" page)

Hello Pamela,

It has been a while since we have been in touch.

How are you doing health wise? The abuelos still ask for you so let me know so I can give them an update on you.

Thanks for sending the message from Esi. I presume that she sent money to help me when "I was s tranded in London". She should have come to visit me!

She is the first person that I have heard that responded to the message. I hope there were not any others.

We were talking about you t oday. We meaning Sergio Guzman and I . He is here for two weeks. In September he is going to Thailand for two weeks. I thought of you when he said that. He also asked how Enriqueta was and he said that on your write up on Los Martincitos you said she has aids. I do not believe that is true. So I think it would be good to eliminate that point.

Los Martincitos moves along as always. We have had fewer volunteers due to the financial crisis but this week there are eight at the program. We have not had that many in ages and some weeks we have had none. This also means that the donations are down.

We are in the middle of the ugly time of year.But I just move ahead and try not to think about it.

We will have Mass with Father Juan tomorrow and your name is usually placed on the list for prayers so you will be remembered tomorrow.

Saludos a Stanley!


Thursday, May 27, 2010

Pictures and Stories

Hi, As I just asked Jacci for news of Los Martincitos, usually she tells me who has died recently (Edwardo, Antoinetta, and Franchesca) I would dearly love any photos, news or other information to put on this Blog, which , as you know, is tied to Adopt a Grandparent (Adopta un Abuelito), Inc.
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