Saturday, October 17, 2009

News from Los Martincitos

This is from Jacci, along with the information that Julias husband Fillipe had died yesterday. But we should not feel bad or depressed because as Jacci says these people were well loved. It's another example of how Los Martincitos are able to give the love to those who need it most.

Dear Friends,

Again I come with the news that another of our dear ones has been called home to God. This was a surprise to all of us.... Judit Ruiz was in the program on Monday and went home and, at first, we heard that she had died in her sleep but then we heard that she had choked on her food and nobody was at home to help her.

Judit suffered much with her family so it is a blessing for her to be loved and at peace.

In the coffin she had such a lovely expression on her face .

Judit always had a smile for everyone.

I never saw so many of the abuelos crying at the news of a death as I did when we announced about Judit.

We are blessed here at Los Martincitos to come to know so many lovely persons and Judit was one of them.