Monday, February 12, 2007

From "Elena" Today 021007

Sister Jacci is not here for a week and it is always a little more dissorganized when she is gone.

It was just a typical day.

The abuelos are doing a new art project using a soft clay that does not need firing. The teacher, Elana, is new and she is really teaching them some stuff about art. The were working with primary and secondary colors and what they get when they mix them. Then they were mixing these colors together into the clay colors. She has hundreds of small cookie cutters but for clay and they cut shapes and put them together. They are actually quite professional looking and they are selling them. They make earrings, flowers on sticks to stick into your own plants, cards, items that hold calendars cover the out side of small pots or containere, etc.. She has quite a group working on them and they are very into it. Elana is very energetic.

First words from Elaine in VES

Hello There:

Today was my first day. Boy was it hot!! It was so good to see everyone. Saturnina, Henricatta, Maria Louisa, Eduardo, Nelli, Maria Inez, Pappy. I am not sure of all the spellings but you get my meaning. Of course losts and lots of kisses. It was just a typical day. Served breakfast and lunch. Helped with an art project and we (new volunteers) taught a group how to play dominoes. That was fun.

I stayed and ate lunch there. We actually had a fruit bown with a sweet dressing over it. It was really good. Jacci said they were trying to get more fruit into their diets. Then I had rice with veggies. I walked to and from. It really was quite hot. Jacci said it had been unusually hot.