Monday, November 03, 2008

Summer's over, and I'll update

I'm so sorry that the blog hasn't been updated. Unfortunately, the news is sad. Maria Nolly, Benidicta Bustina, andMaria Del Carmine have all left us. Here are their pictures:

Saturday, January 26, 2008

From "Elena" in Peru

Well, I am here in Peru, in your house. Things are different and the same. Your little computer room now has a bunk bed in it and the small couch is in the living room and this computer is in Sylvia´s house. Your bedroom is still divided into two rooms with bunk beds in the other side.

Of course everything seems to be missing. Ha Ha No frying pans, glass bowls, sive, broom, funnel, all fans, toaster. I go to get something that I know we have but it is gone. When I go some where with Silvia she wants me to buy everything, but I still love her.

The family is well. Fabrizio (sp?) is getting sooo big. They have been doing work on the third floor. There is a roof over your whole end and a wall has been built between your area and their area. The bedroom is still really unfinished and the bathroom does not really seem very usable up there.

It was wonderful to see all the abuelos. They always, always ask after you. They all say to give you their love. Of course it was lots of huggs and kisses all around. My friend Kay is with me and that is nice to have someone to talk to, but I miss you. She is not really someone I know really well. I have only known her for a short time. She and I are going to go to Cuzco at the end of our stay for 5 days, that should be nice.

We went shopping in MiraFlores yesterday. Drove by an accident with a dead body in the street. Today we went to the beach with Tonny, Silvia, Fabrizio and Justo as our driver.

Jacci has been away at some program and will be at Los Martincitos tomorrow, so it will be good to see her. There are a few new people at L.M. that I saw last week and a new nurse so I will let Jacci introduce me to them tomorrow. I only saw about 5 new abuelos but there were some I did not see so I will have to ask Jacci where they were. There were also no volunteers from CCS and I did not understand what the explanation was.

Lost Martincitos has some changes. The kitchen has been all redone and it is beautiful. The whole area has been opened up and tiled with a nice light color and a lovely border tile with garden food items on it. The roof has been raised and windows put in so it is all so much brighter and cleaner looking. Even the floor is tiled. They have also put a roof over the area where we wash the dishes and that is really wonderful to keep the sun off.

I have only been here a few days and already have some sun burn although it was very cloudy at the beach today and RAINED last night. I am only staying 3 weeks this time and it is already going too fast.