Thursday, October 04, 2007

Martincitos and Earthquake Help

From Jacci:

Turibio was very sick - in the hospital and even in intensive care - but he is better now. He left the hospital but went to stay with a daughter in Chosica (or near there) where there is sun. The doctor did not want him to come directly to VES so he will be there for a few weeks.

Wensalaus (spelling?) Tamariz is not doing well. He is being given radiation treatments for cancer of the throat but this is only to make him more comfortable. The cancer has already spread to other organs.

I think the rest are "normal".

There is another group - composed of people from Los Martincitos and Solidez - going to Pisco again this weekend. They will help to clean out several lots of elderly people (The rubble of what were their homes). The women will also work with the women in the newly started comedores.

I spoke with Tonny and he said the bulk of the money your group has thankfully donated, will be used to buy food for the area that we promised to support with food every two weeks. I will see what I can do about getting you some photos to send out.

That was a big amount that you were able to collect. Thank you.