Monday, November 29, 2004

Rather than trying to make do as in previous picture, Eduardo simply shows us how dangerous his crutch is without a rubber covering. Since most of the money we have collected buys the meals, there is little left over for something like a rubber tip for a cane, most of the grandparents are using sticks of wood rather than canes...Eduardo is one of the "lucky" ones.

This is one of two gentle men, see other photo, who has a cane, but doesn't have a rubber tip. These are fairly inexpensive, except if you have no money.

Thursday, November 25, 2004

The kids from Andres Bello

Friday, November 19, 2004

I'm in Peru, but missing some stuff

When I packed for Peru I sent 4 boxes of contributions and computer stuff by post. The post will be Monday or Tuesday, so I can't yet download the photos I took today.

I have been corresponding with a teacher at one of the schools in the next district (San Juan de Miraflores) and through a friend of mine who is also a teacher there, we got them together with the Martincitos. Patty and Charro have made it possible for one class to spend time with the Martincitos three different visits. Today was their last visit, and what a great experience it was.

As soon as I can get the photos out of my camera, I'll post a couple here, and all of them at Please email me at either or at for directions.

One thing I can say, is that the students worked themselves silly to see that the Abuelitos had a good time. I fell very good, and a little responsible because it was my idea that started the ball rolling. Credit goes to Miss Patty for making it a reality.