Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Latest News from Jacci

Last week Lorenza Sulca returned home to God. It was a blessing. She had been in a semi coma since December 28th so it was a long wait. She had been in her home all that time (since some time in January that is) but the last few days were spent in the hospital since she had developed pneumonia.

More of Lorenza's life can be seen at the Adopt a Grandparent website, listed below.

We had a lovely celebration for Father´s Day. Sergio Guzman -a Mexican American volunteer who has come to the program several times - was here recently and left money for a Mariachi group to come to play for an hour for the abuelos. They loved it!

We have many volunteers these weeks since it is vacation time in the north. The newest group arrived this morning and they are all women!